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We love our beautiful planet and are passionate about sustainability and ethical business.

Already for years we were asking each other how the future of earth would look like. We had the strong feeling that too many companies are just thinking about the revenue and finding cheaper ways of producing products.

We are very happy that we found two years ago a company that is based on an ethical and sustainable business and that allows us to build the future we want.

Manuela u Daniel  

It all started with young parents and a toothpaste sample...

Ringana is an ethical and sustainable company, founded in 1996.

Ringana are the first FRESH producers of skin care and body care. All products are free from preservatives, fillers, perfumes and microplastic.

We also offer a range of targeted and effective vegan nutritional supplements, and superfoods to provide your daily essential nutrient needs.

What is our


For over 20 years already, our Austrian partner company RINGANA has been producing fresh and effective products that contain no artificial preservatives, are sustainably packaged, and they are vegan as well. If you are interested or would like more details, please attend our next FRESH date on the subject of vegan fresh skin care.








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    100% FRESH: All ingredients are being delivered to the fresh factory, immediately processed and sent out directly to the customers all over Europe. A product is between 5 and 10 days old when it is shipped. The expiration date of the products are proof of their freshness.
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    100 % ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: The products are free of preservatives, fillers, microplastic and perfumes. A conventional product can call itself natural with only a small percentage of natural ingredients. Here you have 100%. Each ingredient has a supporting effect on and in our body.
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    100% CONSISTENTS: This stands for sustainability on all levels. Some examples: RINGANA bought an old and empty supermarket and upcycled it into the fresh factory in Hartberg. The fresh soap and the glass bottles are wrapped in organic cotton towels to protect them during the shipping and to reduce packaging. The carton box used for shipping is made out of recycled paper. The magazine and invoices are printed with plant based ink on recycled paper. 
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    100% ETHICAL: This means treating with respect ourselves, our fellow human beings, animals and nature. No product, not even the raw ingredients are tested on animals and RINGANA is cruelty free and no animal products are being used. It includes as well fair working conditions, fair pay and fair trade with the suppliers..

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Did you know?

14,000 tons of sun cream end up in our oceans every year and that’s no good at all for the creatures who live in them.

The FRESH sunscreen is COSMOS-certified as a natural skin care product. It is easy to apply and uses only mineral filters such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. 

With sun protection factor (SPF) 20, FRESH sunscreen blocks 95% of UV rays. With SPF 50 it would only be three per cent more – 98%.

Here comes the sun

What it does 

Exceptionally waterproof sun protection, that stays were it's supposed to be - on your skin.

Natural Sunscreen 

100% fresh sunscreen that also cares for the skin with crambe seed oil and antioxidants.


Only uses mineral filters and is nano free. No synthetic UV filters used that have an effect on marine life and the prevailing ecosystem.


Easy to apply without "whitening effect". COSMOS-certified natural skin care.

Delivery info Ireland: FREE on orders over 120€  or  5€ shipping on orders above 70€

Why natural, sustainable and ethical for more than 20 years? 

In our FREE online Fresh Date presentation you will get a deeper understanding about our secret of Ringana.  We will explain more about the products and you will have access to our exclusive fresh date offers.



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. Ringana offers payment on account. You pay when you have recived your products. You as a consumer have the right to cancel this contract within fourteen days without specifying reasons for doing so.

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